On Thursday night (19th October), there was a rare event at the Bedford pub in South London. After the regular free gig in the pub (which is streamed into the ‘Blarney Stone’ pub in Second Life’s Dublin), the compere, Tony Moore, donned a white suit and performed at his piano on stage, while it was being streamed live into the Blarney Stone in SL…where Tony’s avatar was also performing on stage: dressed in white, and playing a grand piano. And then, to close the loop, the SL pub scene was also being shown on a projector behind Tony in the Bedford! There was a 60-90 second lag, but the effect was really quite convincing.

Too cool…well done Tony! The crowd in SL was really great. And congratulations also to ‘Ham Rambler’, the owner and creator of SL Dublin, who was also there in the Bedford organising all the feeds.

The real pub was rather empty by this time, but it was after midnight on a weekday. We were really happy to have been there, and to have been a part of this ground-breaking event.

The previous gig at the Bedford was also really good: four acts, all new to me and all top quality. We will return to both venues!