Taking a day away from home we went ‘up town’ to Camden in North London (or is it really Camden Town?). Camden is famous for its market. That’s why we went really, looking for some goth gear for a party next year. We fell into the original “Doctor Marten’s” (DM) British Boot Company shop 5 minutes after arriving, and walked out with a pair of 8-hole DMs. Plenty of goth gear to be seen on the street and in the shops…all selling similar brands of – what was (IMHO) cheap (or not so cheap) – tat.

Had a great lunch at a pub we hadn’t been in before, The Hawley Arms. I would recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in the area. Friendly staff and good food, even table service! Unheard of in most of London. We have to go to Dublin to find that usually!

Good day out overall. 🙂