My first time. You remember that one! 🙂

Took my beloved Brompton bicycle up on the train to Waterloo and joined the monthly ‘Critical Mass‘ cycle ride from the South Bank. What fun to cycle en masse around London streets for a couple of hours, and to reclaim some of the road space that is occupied mostly by fuel-powered vehicles (4+ wheels!). There is something special about a casual cruise with 100+ cyclists around the most familiar streets in London.

No real police presence to speak of. The group self-managed road junctions…holding back traffic with a smile as we sailed through. Only a couple of little problems I noticed: a few irate drivers not liking being held back for a few minutes, and one real flare-up over a car that clipped a bike (at low speed – thank god), which resulted in a backlash and phone calls to the police.

Great stuff. Bemused tourists, camaraderie and lots of good humour.

I will be back!!