I love my little Brompton folding bike.. I really do…so portable


– but sometimes I get into trouble with it.

Last night was a good example. Took it into town after work for a meeting / talk. Had a good time.

Tube back to Richmond about 10.30 then cycled back down the riverside to Kingston, The front light was failing… going down a path, something happened and the next thing I know I was flat on my back gasping for air. Luckily I landed on soil – but it felt hard. Dusted myself off and then cycled another 2-3 miles home. Felt quite shaken as I went to bed… and woke with back spasms barely able to move.

Little wheels and a high position isn’t the most stable combination.

Doctor says rest and painkillers is all I need.

Gimme that co-codamol I say!