Day 1. After a short prep talk by our instructor Andy Loudon, the course participants split into two groups. One group of 4 doing cheek ends, the other two practicing a lunkey wall. Other bursary students were on site as well practicing for their level 3 exams.

The rain drifted in about 30 min later and then stayed with us for almost the whole day. The site got muddy. Stones slippy.  But we stuck it out.

Tips. When stripping out a wall, consider how to do this as fast as possible. After all you get paid for building a wall not for taking it down!

Setting up lines and pins – keep it simple.

Home wet. Remember to put overtrousers on when it rains next time. Some showers last all day!

Day 2. This ran as a mock exam. We stripped back what we had build and rebuilt it again – aiming for 7 hours completion time.  I still had a few layers to do by the end of the day. So will finish tomorrow morning.