A year has gone by. When it started, I made a vow to try and record 2007 by posting a photo every day to Flickr.  Now, 395 photos later (I missed a day or two and then posted more than one on some days) I can look back and see what has the experience been like.

Well, it has been a challenge. But also a delight. Eye-opening. And definitely a learning experience.

A challenge to remember to keep a camera in my pocket and to keep up the daily routine. In fact my first camera got worn out.

A delight in finding photos that came out better than I expected. and then in finding strangers and friends commenting on them (thanks especially to top commenter starstruck232 for being so encouraging).

Eye-opening in the way that I learnt to start looking at the world in a new way. Often the shot I chose was not what I saw in front of me but what was behind me. You learn to look back a lot more. And down. And up.

So what have I learnt?

To take a moment to enjoy the world. Nearly all the shots are made inside 60 seconds, maybe 3 minutes if I was cycling at the time; and I often was on my daily commute; that’s not a lot of time out of the day – but many of those moments (like this , this and this) are still so vivid in my memory. and would be even if I had not taken a photo, because I saw something, stopped and snapped.

And what of next year?

I will still bring my new camera with me, often…maybe not every day. But I still want to stop, look, listen and absorb my environment every day.

Stay tuned for 2008’s challenge.

PS. This was the most viewed image!


Some resonant words from Seth Godin

Expectations: Word of mouth comes directly from expectations. Low expectations are a terrific shortcut, because when you exceed them, people are so amazed that they can’t help but talk about it.

But low expectations are dangerous, because if you fly too low, you’re invisible. Worse, when people expect little of you, they often don’t bother listening at all.

So most of the time, you’re challenged with this: high expectations that must be beat.

Broadway shows. Apple products. Expensive consulting services. Promise big and deliver bigger seems to be the only reliable strategy.

It’s time for a holiday from Networks and PCs for a week or two!

I recently booked ticket on thetrainline from London to Lancaster. I was offered options on the screen to choose seating direction, type of seat (airline / table) and quiet zone or not. I made my choices. I got on the train and found the assigned seat was completely the opposite to my preferences.

Completely hopeless and annoying. Why even bother raising expectations they cannot even attempt to match them?

Yes, the booking site has a standard disclaimer about options are not guaranteed… but there were plenty of unassigned seats in that carriage that would have met my request!

Result: I’m not going to enthuse about Trainline unless they do something exceptional. In fact, being disappointed enough to post this blog  is their reward for such sloppy service.

On the book pile…

Nova Swing: John M Harrison.

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