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2009-09-26 Kirsty E Smith

I went to see an art show on Saturday by Kirsty Smith (we met accidentally some months ago in Trafalgar Square at the 4th plinth) and was fortunate to have her elaborate on some of her inspirations. ┬áNow you can too… it has a few weeks to run yet – but try and get along on Weds 30 Sep for her personal talk:

“Find out more about her inspiration, working methods and all the complexities of making the intruiging mixed media sculptures (or” beings” as she prefers to call them) which inhabit the paraphysical place she has named Frillip Moolog. The show has been recieved with enthusiasm and visiting it has been described by many as an uplifting and joyous experience….”

18:45 – 20:00

Westbourne Grove Church Artspace, (corner of Ledbury Rd & Westbourne Grove), Notting Hill, London W11 2RW


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Nova Swing: John M Harrison.

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