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I was inspired by a couple of posts by my old friend, but new blogger,  Rob; and new social media contact Asha to post some 2008 highlights of my own. 

So, in no particular order…

Podcasts of the year: 

  • Mr Trick and Wrongtom: Two UK-based DJ’s who describe themselves best on their Faceboook page “Like two old soaks chatting by the fire, Trick and Tom swap songs, talking with passion and insight about the music they love, both new and old. Uncovering music you may have missed is usually the order of the day, with “but I bet you’ve not heard this…” being an oft-muttered sentence. Anything from doo-wop to gospel, punk to dub is pulled out for consideration, with the sole hope of having you wanting to look up these artists when the show’s over.”   Best thing since John Peel 🙂 IMHO
  • Daily Source Code – Adam Curry: Well, I first listened to Adam ‘The Father of Podcasting’ three or four years ago and then dropped it from my list as being a bit too long and disjointed. Returning this year was been a hoot. Adam has a mission to help us all wake up to knowledge we don’t know, and barely gets reported. Yeah Adam… “They (should) work for us”. Entertains me on those commutes. And, if you like this, then also check out the weekly ‘No Agenda’ show with Adam and John Dvorak.


Technology of the year: 

  • Nokia E71 Phone: Got this on contract from ‘3’ and it just does (almost) everything perfectly… now I just need an unlimited data plan 🙂


Music of the Year: It’s been a year of reawakening to new and old interests.

  • Tha Carter 3 > Lil Wayne:  Well, I am late the scene, but this one brought ‘gangster rap’ to my doorstep and took it in like a pint of milk.  Challenging but honest, musically coherent.
  • Eskimo > Balloonatic Part Two: Maybe not his greatest albumn but representative of my flip into the dance music this year. Ten years too late on the scene of course, but still making me hop around the room like a teenager 🙂
  • Esborn Svensson Trio > Leucocyte: A new jazz line line-up to me, but sadly their last album. Think Keith Jarrett meets Brian Eno meets <insert name here>.  Great pianist and composer.

So many more deserve mention  – been a great year for re-awakening of my consciousness.

Have a great 2009 everyone.


Just found a fabulous collection of photos by the Warrington Cycle Campaign.

Here is June 2008

I got tagged on this meme by Morgalu.

Wow, my first tag. Or is it? Maybe I missed one already! Right…here goes.

One book you’ve read more than once
Umm… not so easy. Life is short. Hard to think of one that wasn’t a reference book. Probably a Cats Cradle by Kurt Vonegut, or a SciFi collection many years ago.

One book you would want on a desert island
Ah.. the desert island disks favourite. Well at least they give you the Bible and the complete works of Shakespeare to start with. After that I guess it would be
Outdoor Survival Handbook: A Guide To The Resources And Materials Available In The Wild And How To Use Them For Food, Shelter,Warmth And Navigation” by Ray Mears. The man is an inspiration. Actually I want Ray Mears. but the book will have to do.

One book that made you laugh:
The Lost Continent: Travels in Small Town America by Bill Bryson. Tears down cheeks.

One book that made you cry:
A Death in the Family by James Agee

One book you wish you had written:
Tao Te Ching

One book you wish had never been written:
Anything by Jeffrey Archer. Or Best Lancashire Jokes

One book you are currently reading:
I don’t read one at a time…but here is the current pile:
Why Business People Speak like Idiots which is what I currently fight all day!
“Best American Short Stories 1990” It’s said if you want to write well… read the best. A second-hand find in Seattle.
Permission Marketing by Seth Godin – looked like a good idea but is gathering dust after getting 40% through it.

One book you have meant to read:
Waiting for Godot. Saw the play last year for the first time and realised what I had been missed all this time. Brilliant and pointless.

One book that changed your life:
I Ching

Today’s top track choices: especially ‘London Underground’… LMAO

(second attempt at posting)

We went to see Bob Brozman on Sunday night do a intimate gig at the Half Moon in Putney, London.  What a great guitar player, and more entertaining than than I had anticipated.  If you have only heard his recordings then go see him live – it was a pleasure!

On the book pile…

Nova Swing: John M Harrison.

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