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Inspired by another ‘spot-on’ analysis from Seth Godin. ┬áPersonally, I always feel cheated by cheap eggs too.

Anyway, putting the marketing analogy aside for moment, here is my favourite way with eggs in the morning:

  • Gently crack a good quality egg (organic, free-range, etc.) into barely simmering water, into which you have added a teaspoon of vinegar.
  • Get Wholemeal/Multigrain toast ready as the base.
  • Butter it lightly then add a good smear of Marmite/Vegimite (a yeast-based salty spread) to the toast.
  • Lift the egg onto the top of the toast when done your liking (I like mine still runny).
  • Add a little pepper as required.
  • Drink quality tea with it.




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