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I have been getting in training for a 5k run. No big deal? Well, it is for me. OK, I can occasionally cycle all night, but I am not the generally known for running around, except for a bit of wild Morris Dancing in the past, but even then it was generally in short bursts and rewarded with a pint or two at the end.

So, why am I doing it?

Because it raises money to provide better healthcare for Africans; because I challenged Catherine to do the pointless overnight cycle ride and she trained hard for that, and she had done a 5k before; and partly as a challenge to myself to acknowledge and repay that effort. 

Anyway, it is happening in two weeks time on the 11th September and we are in training.  Following a Nike training plan (from nothing to 5k in 6 weeks) we are now getting to the crunch time. I started tracking the training sessions recently if you want to see how pathetic I am.

If you want to make me train harder, show support, or just throw some loose change at me then you can do that here. I try and keep my fundraising to one event a year and this is it. Stay tuned for the big day, I hope to run/jog the entire 5k without walking. This is going to be a ‘step-up’ for me!


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