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That's me that isOne of the nicest open shoots of the year I know is held next door to Kew Gardens by Royal Richmond Archery Club.  It happened last weekend and, although I shot a below par round and didn’t near the medals, it was a great day out.

Various participants (including me) were filmed on flip cams by some roving reporters – it was a bit spur of the moment and made me realise how ‘being on the spot’ and still being able talk coherently was quite a skill.  I now appreciate even more the feelings of some of my past internal work video ‘victims’ – who still delivered some great snippets.

If you shoot flipcam interviews – you should try and spend time on the other side as well!

Learn more about my day at Winkball’s report (my bit has the same photo as the link).

On Saturday we were shooting at 50yds when one I saw one of my arrows hit, but also something flew past the target?

When we went up to collect the arrows at the end of that set we could see I had hit the nock of  an arrow already in the target and split it in half – with a splinter of shaft flying off with it.  Luckily it was one of mine as well!  Both arrows scored (nice) and I should be pleased with the grouping 🙂

It makes me think that it would be very hard to actually get one arrow to stick into another with modern plastic nocks.

Arrow splitting a nock.

Almost a Robin Hood